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What is Safety?

Episode 2

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What is Safety? 

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Adherence to the Revised NICHD Protocol recommendations for conducting repeated supportive interviews is associated with the likelihood that children will allege abuse (Blasbalg et al., 2021).   

Effects of interviewer familiarity and supportiveness on children’s recall across repeated interviews   (Brubacher et al., 2019). 

Effects of interviewer support on maltreated and at-risk children’s memory and suggestibility (Eisen et al., 2019).  

The dynamics of two-session interviews with suspected victims of abuse who are reluctant to make allegations   (Hershkowitz et al., 2021). 

Facilitating the expression of emotions by alleged victims of child abuse during investigative interviews using the Revised NICHD Protocol (Karni-Visel et al., 2019).  

Adolescent sexual abuse victims’ levels of perceived social support and delayed disclosure (Koçtürk & Bilginer, 2020). 

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