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Unknowable and Unanswerable: How Many Times Did He Touch You?

Episode 5

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Unknowable and Unanswerable: How Many Times Did He Touch You? 

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Adults’ insensitivity to developmental changes in children’s ability to report when and how many times abuse occurred (Cleveland & Quas, 2015).  

Learning about time: Knowledge of formal timing symbols is related to individual differences in temporal precision (Hamamouche, & Corder, 2020).  

Developmental differences in the ability to provide temporal information about repeated events (Roberts et al., 2015). 

Children’s ability to estimate the frequency of single and repeated events (Sharman et al., 2011). 

“How many times did he do this to you?” Attorney’s temporal questions during child sexual abuse trials (Wandrey, 2013). 

Maltreated children’s ability to estimate temporal location and numerosity of placement changes and court visits (Wandrey et al., 2012). 

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