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The Use of Note-Taking During Forensic Interviews

Episode 9

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The use of note-taking during forensic interviews: Perceptions and practical recommendations for interviewers (Baker et al., 2021). 

An examination of police officers’ notes of interviews with alleged child abuse victims (Cauchi & Powell, 2009). 

A controlled analysis of professionals’ contemporaneous notes of interviews about alleged child abuse (Cauchi et al., 2010). 

Good enough for government work: The constitutional duty to preserve forensic interviews of child victims (McGough, 2002).  

Technology and note-taking in the classroom, boardroom, hospital, and courtroom (Muller & Oppenheimer, 2016). 

Accuracy of investigators’ verbatim notes of their forensic interviews with alleged child abuse victims (Lamb et al., 2000).  

Planning the forensic interview (Rohrabaugh et al., 2016). 

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