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The best questions to use when determining clothing placement

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Questions Utilized in the Forensic Interview with Preschool Children to Determine Clothing Placement 

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Accuracy of investigators’ verbatim notes of their forensic interviews with alleged child abuse victims (Lamb et al. 2000). 

Increasing true reports without increasing false reports: Best practice interviewing methods and open-ended wh-questions (Lyon & Henderson, 2021). 

Technology and notetaking in the classroom, boardroom, hospital, and courtroom (Muller & Oppenheimer, 2016). 

Planning the forensic interview (Rohrabaugh, London, & Hall, 2016).  

 ‘Where were your clothes? Eliciting descriptions of clothing placement from children alleging sexual abuse in criminal trials and forensic interviews (Stolzenberg & Lyon, 2017). 

Spatial language, question type, and young children’s ability to describe clothing: Legal and developmental implications   (Stolzenberg, McWilliams, & Lyon, 2017). 

Young children’s ability to describe intermediate clothing placement  (Wylie et al. 2021). 

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