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The Benefits of Deliberate Pausing in the Forensic Interview

Episode 4

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The Benefits of Deliberate Pausing in the Forensic Interview 

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Pause for effect: A 10-s interviewer wait time gives children time to respond to open-ended prompts (Rezmer, Trager, Catlin, & Poole, 2020). 

How do listeners time response articulation when answering questions: The role of speech rate (Corps, Gambi, & Pickering, 2020). 

Detection thresholds for gaps, overlaps, and no-gap-no-overlaps (Heldner, 2011).  

Pauses, gaps and overlaps in conversations (Heldner & Edlund, 2010). 

The relevance of timing, pauses and overlaps in dialogues: Detecting topic changes in scenario-based meetings (Luz & Su, 2010). 

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