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The challenges when asking children about “inside” during an interview

Episode 7

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Children’s Knowledge of Genital Anatomy and the Question “Did it Go Inside?” 

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Understanding medical findings in child sexual abuse: An update for 2018 (Adams, 2018). 

Children’s reports of body touching in medical examinations: The benefits and risks of using body diagrams (Bruck, Kelly, & Poole, 2016). 

The influence of disclosure history and body diagrams on children’s reports of inappropriate touching: Evidence from a new analog paradigm (Dickinson & Poole, 2017).  

How children verbally reported their experiences of a genital exam (Dupree, Patterson, Nugent, & White, 2015).  

Genital findings in cases of child sexual abuse: Genital vs vaginal penetration (Gallion, Milam, & Littrell, 2016).  

Young children’s response tendencies toward yes–no questions concerning actions (Heather Fritzley, Lindsay, & Lee, 2013).  

Recency tendency: Responses to forced-choice questions (Mehrani, & Peterson, 2015).  

Children’s knowledge of genital anatomy and its relationship with children’s use of the word “Inside” during questioning about possible sexual abuse (Milam & Nugent, 2017).  

‘Where were your clothes?’ Eliciting descriptions of clothing placement from children alleging sexual abuse in criminal trials and forensic interviews (Stolzenberg & Lyon, 2017).  

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