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15 Principles for Forensic Interviewers: Part II

Episode 5

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15 Principles for Forensic Interviewers: Part II  

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Forks in the road, routes chosen, and journeys that beckon: A selective review of scholarship on children’s testimony (Brown & Lamb, 2019).

How children talk about events: Implications for eliciting and analyzing eyewitness reports (Brubacher, Peterson, La Rooy, Dickinson, & Poole, 2019).

Interviewing witnesses (Mungo, Malloy, & La Rooy, 2017).

Child Forensic Interviewing: Best Practices (Newlin, Steele, Chamberlin, Anderson, Kenniston, Russell, Stewart, & Vaughan-Eden, 2015).

When interviewing children: A review and update (Saywitz, Lyon, & Goodman, 2018).

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