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Telehealth and Telemental Health

Publications listed in date descending order 2023-2018

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2018-Present in date-descending order.  Access older publications here.

Feasibility of Group-Based Implementation Facilitation for Video Telemental Health

The Fast and the Furious: The Rapid Implementation of Tele‑mental Health Practices Within a Children’s Advocacy Center

Internet- and mobile-based trauma-focused intervention for adolescents and young adults with posttraumatic stress disorder: A study protocol of a proof-of-concept feasibility study

Developing the Workforce of the Digital Future: Leveraging Technology to Train Community-Based Mobile Mental Health Specialists

Overcoming telemental health disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Patient Perceptions of Trauma-Focused Telemental Health Services Using the Telehealth Satisfaction Questionnaire (TSQ)

Task Sharing in a Children’s Advocacy Center: The Role of Victim Advocates in Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children & Families

Perceived Usefulness of Telehealth Among Rural Medical Providers: Barriers to Use and Associations with Provider Confidence

Virtual Family Play Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to using Directed Family Play Therapy in Telemental Health

A Framework for Competencies for the Use of Mobile Technologies in Psychiatry and Medicine: Scoping Review

Advances in PTSD Treatment Delivery: Review of Findings and Clinical Considerations for the Use of Telehealth Interventions for PTSD

Business as usual? Psychological support at a distance

Moving to Telemental Health in a Child Advocacy Center Environment

Family-based treatment via videoconference: Clinical recommendations for treatment providers during COVID-19 and beyond 

Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Telehealth Service DeliveryModel for Treating Childhood Posttraumatic Stress:A Community-Based, Open Pilot Trial of Trauma-FocusedCognitive–Behavioral Therapy 

Implementation of Home-Based Telemental Health in a Large Child Psychiatry Department During the COVID-19 Crisis 

Providing Telebehavioral Health to Youth and Families During COVID-19: Lessons from the field

Strategies to Enhance Communication With Telemental Health Measurement-based Care

Telemental health for child trauma treatment during and post-COVID-19: Limitations and considerations

Telehealth mental health services during COVID-19: summary of evidence and clinical practice

Therapeutic groups via video teleconferencing and the impact on group cohesion

Telepsychology training in a public health crisis: A case example 

Role of Telehealth in the Management of COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Previous SARS, MERS, and Ebola Outbreaks

Telemedicine for Mental Health in the United States: Making Progress, Still a Long Way to Go

A consolidated model for telepsychology practice 

An increasing risk of family violence during the Covid-19 pandemic: Strengthening community collaborations to save lives

Social, Organizational, and Technological Factors Impacting Clinicians’ Adoption of Mobile Health Tools: Systematic Literature Review


Will applications on smartphones allow a generalization of telemedicine?

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of telehealth in rural and remote emergency departments: A systematic review protocol

Telehealth for rural diverse populations: Telebehavioral and cultural competencies, clinical outcomes and administrative approaches 

Clinician Telehealth Attitudes in a Rural Community Mental Health Center Setting   

Telepsychology practice-Primer and first steps 

Are there interactional differences between telephone and face-to-face psychological therapy? A systematic review of comparative studies

Telemental Health

Teaching Youth to Resist Abuse: Evaluation of a Strengths-Based Child Maltreatment Curriculum for High School Students

Telehealth: Is It Only for the Rural Areas? A Review of Its Wider Use

The use of telemedicine in csa evaluations

What consumers want with Telahealth-Infographic

Characteristics of Organizations That Provide Telemental Health

 An Exploration of Supervision Delivered via clinical video telehealth 

Increasing Access to Rural Mental Health Care Using Hybrid Care that includes telepsychiatry

Pilot Evaluation of a Tablet-Based Application to Improve Quality of Care in Child Mental Health Treatment

National TeleNursing Center (NTC) Sustainability

National TeleNursing Center: Program Evaluation Final Report

Program Evaluation of Telemental Health Services

Teens Using Screens for Help: Impact of Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, and Depression Levels on Youth Preferences for Telemental Health Resources

A Multidisciplinary, Team-Based Teleconsultation Approach to Enhance Child Mental Health Services in Rural Pediatrics

All Health Technology Requires Compassion, Collaboration, and Humanism for Optimal Care

Best Practices in Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health April 2018

Excellence in Practice—Key Qualities of Successful Telehealth Programs

Perceptions of caregivers and adolescents of the use of telemedicine for the child sexual abuse examination

Technology in Parenting Programs- A Systematic Review of Existing Interventions

Telehealth: A Balanced Look at Incorporating This Technology into Practice

Telemental and Telebehavioral Health Considerations: A 50-State Analysis on the Development of Telehealth Policy

Telemental health care: Providers’ knowledge and beliefs

Telemental health: Why the revolution has not arrived

The Need to Implement and Evaluate Telehealth Competency Frameworks to Ensure Quality Care across Behavioral Health Professions

Using Telehealth to Implement Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A Pilot Study of Trauma-Focused CBT delivered via telehealth technology






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