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International Resources

Below is a collection of articles, government documents, reports, websites, and more from around the world. They are from government agencies, NGOs, and other research agencies and include resources in languages other than English. The National Children’s Advocacy Center cannot verify the veracity of evidence upon which the listed resources are based. Listing of documents here should not be interpreted as validation or recommendation. The resources are listed first by general international, then by continent, followed by country. Reources are listed alphabetically under each heading.

You may also locate resources by entering the name of the country or continent into the CALiO™Collections search box.


A systematic review of universal campaigns targeting child physical abuse prevention

Association between adult drug abuse and childhood maltreatment in students attending seven universities in five countries in Latin America and one country in the Caribbean

Bottom-up approaches to strengthening child protection systems: placing children, families, and communities at the center.

Bridging the gaps: A global review of intersections of violence against women and violence against children

Building an economic case for a child-friendly justice” Special Workshop WORKSHOP REPORT

Building Child Welfare Response to Child Trafficking

Bullying and sexual abuse and their association with harmful behaviours, antidepressant use and health-related quality of life in adulthood: A population-based study in South Australia

Can You Remember What Was in Your Pocket When You Were Stung by a Bee?”: Eliciting Cues to Deception by Asking the Unanticipated

Child-Friendly Practices: Is it Possible? and How? 

Child Maltreatment Infographic

Child maltreatment prevention: A systematic review of reviews

Child Maltreatment Typologies and Intimate Partner Violence Findings From a Danish National Study of Young Adults

Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review

Child Protection Model Law: Best Practices-Protection of Children from Neglect, Abuse, Maltreatment, and Exploitation

Child Sexual Abuse Material: Model Legislation & Global Review Ninth ed

Children’s and Adolescents’ Participation and Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Children’s Advocacy Center Philosophy and Model

Children with disabilities more likely to experience violence..

Chronic child abuse and domestic violence: children and families with long‐term and complex needs 

Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum: A Joint Report on Online Child Protection Combatting Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet

Compendium of United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Convention on the Rights of the Child

 Corporal punishment-archaic or reasonable discipline method?

Counting Pennies: A review of official development assistance to end violence against children

Cryptocurrency and the BlockChain: Technical Overview and Potential Impact on Commercial Child Sexual Exploitation

Current prevalence of child sexual abuse world-wide: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Dating and relationship violence among 16-19 year olds in England and Wales: a cross-sectional study of victimization

Detection of child exploiting chats from a mixed chat dataset as text classification task

Development of quality care standards in welfare services for child victims of commercial sexual exploitation

The Digital Economy: Potential, Perils, and Promises

Discipline by parents and child psychopathology. The International Handbook of Psychopathic Disorders and the Law

Economic dimensions of Interpersonal violence

Economics of child trafficking (part II)

Effectiveness of Boards of Directors in Nonprofit Organizations 

Empowering young people who experienced domestic violence and abuse: the development of a group therapy intervention

Ending Violence in Childhood. Global Report 2017

Finding the way out: A non-dichotomous understanding of violence and depression resilience of adolescents who are exposed to family violence

Framing Implementation: A Supplement to Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review 

Girls’ Empowerment and Adolescent Pregnancy: A Systematic Review

 Global Fight against Child Trafficking: How Can It Be Won?

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) 

Global plan of action to strengthen the role of the health system within a national multisectoral response to address interpersonal violence, in particular against women and girls, and against children

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2014

Global status report on violence prevention 2014

Guidelines for Policymakers on Child Online Protection

Handbook for Professionals and Policymakers on justice in matters involving child victims and witnesses of crime

Historical Development of the Laws Relating to Child Sexual Exploitation Prior to the Passing of the UNCRC in 1989

“How many times did I not want to live a life because of him”: the complex connections between child sexual abuse, disclosure, and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

How to conduct good quality research on violence against children with disabilities: key ethical, measurement, and research principles

Human capital and child protection: A research framework in the CRC context

Implementing child maltreatment prevention programmes: What the experts say

Individual, family, and culture level contributions to child physical abuse and neglect: A longitudinal study in nine countries

In Loco Aequitatis: The Dangers of “Safe Harbor” Laws for Youth in the Sex Trades

Intercountry adoption as child trafficking

International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

International and internet child sexual abuse and exploitation. Project Report

International epidemiology of child sexual abuse: A continuation of Finkelhor (1994)

International legal standards in combating child online sexual abuse and exploitation

 International Legislative Efforts to Combat Child Sex Tourism: Evaluating the Council of Europe Convention on Commercial Child Sexual Exploitation

 International Police Operations Against Online Child Pornography

Intimate partner violence among adolescents and young women: Prevalence and associated factors in nine countries: A cross-sectional study

ISPCAN Medical Curriculum

Long-Term Health Consequences of Child Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, and Neglect: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Male and LGBT survivors of sexual violence in conflict situations: A realist review of health interventions in low-and middle-income countries 

Measuring and monitoring national prevalence of child maltreatment: A practical handbook

Moving beyond supply and demand catchphrases: Assessing the uses and limitations of demand-based approaches in anti-trafficking

Online child sex solicitation: Exploring the feasibility of a research “sting

Online Grooming of Children for Sexual Purposes: Model Legislation & Global Review First ed

Parental Discipline Defense in New Zealand: The Potential Impact of Reform in Civil Proceedings

Presentation: Comprehensive Services of the Barnahus

Preventing and Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA): A Model National Response

Progress for Children: A Report Card on Child Protection

Promoting Research to Prevent Child Maltreatment: Summary Report

Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in International, European and National Legal Framework

Puppet on a string: The urgent need to cut children free from sexual exploitation

Relationships between violence in childhood and educational outcomes: A global systematic review and meta-analysis

Secondary Traumatic Stress: Prevalence and Symptomology Amongst Detective Officers Investigating Child Protection Cases

Sexploitation of Children: Exploratory analysis of data availability and reliability

Sexting: A new form of victimless crime?

Sexting in Schools and Colleges: Responding to incidents and safeguarding young people

Sexting Legislation in the United States and Abroad: A Call for Uniformity 

Sexual Exploitation of Boys in Times of Crisis: What can we learn from existing research, and what is still unknown

Shining a spotlight on sexual violence against children in conflict

Socio demographic configuration of the sex labour trade in Banladesh: Income expenditure portfolio of the sex workers

Sport, Children’s Rights, and Violence Prevention: A Sourcebook on Global Issues and Local Programmes

Studies in Child Protection: Sexual Extortion and Nonconsensual Pornography

Studies in Child Protection: Technology-Facilitated Child Sex Trafficking

Supporting ALL victims of violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation: Guidance for health providers

Taking prevention seriously: Developing a comprehensive response to child trafficking and sexual exploitation

Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

The Link

The neglect of child neglect: a meta-analytic review of the prevalence of neglect

The lasting effects of childhood trauma on mental health in adulthood: Current knowledge and practical next steps for clinical practice

The NetClean Report 2016

The Voice of the Child in Child Protection: Whose Voice?

Tourism and sexual violence and exploitation in Jamaica: Contesting the ‘trafficking and modern slavery’frame

Toward a World Free from Violence: Global Survey on Violence Against Children

Trafficking in Persons Report 2011

Trafficking in Persons Report 2012

Transnational child sexual abuse: Outcomes from a roundtable discussion

Understanding agency and resistance strategies (UNARS): Children’s Experiences of Domestic Violence

Understanding and supporting law enforcement professionals working with distressing material: Findings from a qualitative study


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (GIFT)

Using a Clinic-based Screening Tool for Primary Care Providers to Identify Commercially Sexually Exploited Children

Women and children in the global sex trade

World Report on Violence against Children

WPA guidance on the protection and promotion of mental health in children of persons with severe mental disorders

Young Adults Victimized as Children or Adolescents: Relationships Between Perpetrator Patterns, Poly-Victimization, and Mental Health Problems

Australia and New Zealand

A Social Identity Approach to Understanding Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

A typology of online child pornography offending

Abusive head trauma and accidental head injury: A 20-year comparative study of referrals to a hospital child protection team

Accuracy of PECARN, CATCH, and CHALICE head injury decision rules in children: A prospective cohort study

Addressing concerns about child maltreatment in schools: A brief research report on social work involvement in reporting processes

Adolescent stalking: offence characteristics and effectiveness of intervention orders

Adverse childhood experiences and adult risk factors for age-related disease: Depression, inflammation, and clustering of metabolic risk markers

Allegations of child sexual abuse: An empirical analysis of published judgements from the Family Court of Australia 2012–2019

An Integrative Review of Contemporary Perspectives on Videoconference-Based Therapy—Prioritising Indigenous and Ethnic Minority Populations in the Global South

Assessing the effectiveness of school-based sexual abuse prevention programs

Audit of child maltreatment medical assessments in a culturally diverse, metropolitan setting

Audit of primary school-based sexual abuse prevention policy and curriculum: Volumes 1 to 5

Audit tool for assessing child sexual abuse prevention content in school policy and curriculum

Biologising parenting: Neuroscience discourse, English social and public health policy and understandings of the child

Child Abuse and Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities-Exploring Child Sexual Abuse in Western Australia

Child maltreatment and adolescent mental health problems in a large birth cohort

Child maltreatment as a risk factor for opioid dependence: Comparison of family characteristics and type and severity of child maltreatment with a matched control group

Childhood maltreatment predicts adult inflammation in a life-course study

Childhood maltreatment and adult suicidality: A comprehensive systematic review with meta-analysis

Child Protection and Vulnerable Families: Trends and Issues in the Australian Context

Child sexual abuse: The final report of the Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse and access to justice for civil claims: time to reform the Limitation of Actions Act 1974 (Qld)

Child sexual abuse in Queensland: Offender characteristics and modus operandi

Clinical prediction rules for abusive head trauma: A systematic review

Cluster randomised-control trial for an Australian child protection education program: Study protocol for the Learn to be safe with Emmy and friends

Components of effective cross-agency responses to abuse – A report for the NSW Ombudsman’s Office

Contamination of homes with methamphetamine: Is wipe sampling adequate to determine risk?

Cost of Child Abuse in Australia

Crime commission processes in child sexual abuse material production and distribution: A systematic review

Criminalising Institutional Failures to Prevent, Identify or React to Child Sexual Abuse

Cultural Safety and Child Protection Responses in Hospitals: a Scoping Review

Cumulative harm and chronic child maltreatment

Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Child Sexual ExploitationA Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Designing effective training programs for investigative interviewers of children

Dissociation, shame, complex PTSD, child maltreatment and intimate relationship self-concept in dissociative disorder, chronic PTSD and mixed psychiatric groups

Does breastfeeding protect against substantiated child abuse and neglect? A 15-year cohort study

Does grooming facilitate the development of Stockholm syndrome? The social work practice implications

Educating early childhood care and education providers to improve knowledge and attitudes about reporting child maltreatment: A randomized controlled trial

Elevated inflammation levels in depressed adults with a history of childhood maltreatment

Environmental methamphetamine exposures and health effects in 25 case studies

Errors in the identification of question types in investigative interviews of children

Ethical and safe: Research with children about domestic violence

Evaluation and Update of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Sensory Approaches for the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Maltreated Children

Exploring family violence: Links between child maltreatment and domestic violence

Exposure to family and domestic violence is associated with increased childhood hospitalisations

Factors influencing therapy use following a disclosure of child sexual abuse

Family relationships and the disclosure of institutional child sexual abuse

Final Report Volume IV: The Paedophile Inquiry

Framework for historical influences on institutional child sexual abuse: 1950–2014

From trauma to incarceration: Exploring the trajectory in a qualitative study in male prison inmates from north Queensland

Gender differences in the association between childhood sexual abuse and risky sexual behaviours: A systematic review and meta-analysis A comprehensive review of the literature on the impact of exposure to intimate partner violence on children and youth

Grooming and child sexual abuse in institutional contexts

Healing through Connection: An Aboriginal Community Designed, Developed and Delivered Cultural Healing Program for Aboriginal Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Help-seeking needs and gaps for preventing child sexual abuse

Impacts of institutional child sexual abuse: A rapid review of the evidence

Improving measurement of child abuse and neglect: A systematic review and analysis of national prevalence studies 

Influences on children’s voices in family support services: Practitioner perspectives: A review of literature on child prostitution

Inside out: An organisational map for primary violence

Institutional Oppression That Silences Child Protection Reform

Interagency Collaboration: Part A- What is it, what does it look like, when is it needed and what supports it?

Interagency Collaboration: Part B-Does collaboration benefit children and Families? Exploring the evidence

Intergenerational Impacts of Family Violence – Mothers and Children in a Large Prospective Pregnancy Cohort Study

Interventions that address institutional child maltreatment: Evidence and gap map

Intrafamilial adolescent sex offenders: Psychological profiles and treatment 

Investigative interviewers’ perceptions of their difficulty in adhering to open-ended questions with child witnesses

Key Elements of Child Safe Organisations – Research Study Final Report

Long-term effects of child sexual abuse

Mandatory reporting of child abuse

Mandatory Reporting Laws and Identification of Child Abuse and Neglect: Consideration of Differential Maltreatment Types, and a Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse Reports

Minimization of childhood maltreatment is common and consequential: Results from a large, multinational sample using the childhood trauma questionnaire

Mitigating distress in New Zealand police officers exposed to children’s accounts of traumatic experiences: emotion-solving versus problem-solving

Motivational capacities after prolonged interpersonal childhood trauma in institutional settings in a sample of Austrian adult survivors

Multiagency Investigation & Support Team (MIST) Pilot: Evaluation Report

National Comparison of Cross-Agency Practice in Investigating and Responding to Severe Child Abuse – A Report for the NSW Ombudsman’s Office (Report 1 of 2)

Optimising implementation of reforms to better prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in institutions: Insights from public health, regulatory theory, and Australia’s Royal Commission

Our safety counts: Children and young people’s perceptions of safety and institutional responses to their safety concerns

Parenting after a history of childhood maltreatment: A scoping review and map of evidence in the perinatal period

Particularisation of Child Abuse Offences: Common Problems when Questioning Child Witnesses  

Pathway to justice: Examining the attrition of child sexual abuse cases

Perceptions of Victim Credibility in Child Sexual Assault Cases

Physical Punishment by Parents: The New Zealand Reform”

Police perceptions of interviews involving children with intellectual disabilities: A qualitative inquiry

Pornography as a Public Health Issue: Promoting Violence and Exploitation of Children, Youth, and Adults

Principles of Trauma-informed approaches to child sexual abuse: A discussion paper

Production and distribution of child sexual abuse material by parental figures

Prospectively ascertained child maltreatment and its association with DSM-IV mental disorders in young adults

Quantity of documentation of maltreatment risk factors in injury-related paediatric hospitalisations

Recommendations for eliciting a disclosure of abuse from a young child

Reliability of routinely collected hospital data for child maltreatment surveillance

Remaking collective knowledge: An analysis of the complex and multiple effects of inquiries into historical institutional child abuse

Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW

Reports of child sexual abuse of boys and girls: Longitudinal trends over a 20-year period in Victoria, Australia

Responding to children and young people’s disclosures of abuse

Research using population-based administration data integrated with longitudinal data in child protection settings: A systematic review

Review of evidence for primary prevention of child abuse and neglect (including child sexual abuse)

Risk profiles for institutional child sexual abuse

Role of pre-existing adversity and child maltreatment on mental health outcomes for children involved in child protection: population-based data linkage study

Service Organisations’ Cultural Competency When Working with Ethnic Minority Victims/Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: Results from a Program Evaluation Study in Australia

Sexual and physical abuse during childhood and adulthood as predictors of hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder  

Silencing by design: Lessons learned about child sexual abuse from a university sexual assault survey

Small Talk: Identifying communication problems in maltreated children

Stalking among juveniles  

Stalking, and social and romantic functioning among adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder  

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Dreaming of Child Safe Organisations?

Suffer the Teenage Children: Child Sexual Abuse in Church Communities

Telehealth mental health services during COVID-19: summary of evidence and clinical practice

The Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS): protocol for a national survey of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect, associated mental disorders and physical health problems, and burden of disease

The child abuse lottery—will the doctor suspect and report? Physician attitudes towards and reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect

The dynamics of disclosure of child sexual victimization: Implications for investigation and prosecution

The link between child maltreatment and adolescent offending: Systems neglect of adolescents 

The lived experience of non-offending mothers in cases of intrafamilial child sexual abuse: Towards a preliminary model of loss, trauma and recovery

The long run impact of child abuse on health care costs and wellbeing in Australia

The long-term effects of child sexual abuse

The relationship between investigative interviewing experience and open-ended question usage 

The stability of child abuse reports: A longitudinal study of the reporting behaviour of young adults

The role of home-visiting programs in preventing child abuse and neglect

The Use and Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Criminal Justice Systems Following Child Sexual Abuse or Comparable Harm

Tort Liability of Churches for Clergy Child Abuse after the Royal Commission: Implications of Developments in the Law of Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable Duty

Trauma-informed care in child/family welfare services

Understanding Indigenous family violence in the context of human rights agenda

Using family network data in child protection services

Using resilience to reconceptualise child protection workforce capacity

Using routinely collected hospital data for child maltreatment surveillance: issues, methods and patterns

Vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress or simply burnout? Effect of trauma therapy on mental health professionals

What is known about initial teacher education for child protection? A protocol for a systematic scoping review

What makes a good investigative interviewer of children?: A comparison of police officers’ and experts’ perceptions

Where Is the Village? Care Leaver Early Parenting, Social Isolation and Surveillance Bias

Where to From Here for the Catholic Church- Recommendations 94 and 95 of the Redress and Civil Litigation Report

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: The effect of truncated testimony on juror decision making

Who Abuses Children?


A experiência de ser mãe de crianças vítimas de abuso sexual: uma compreensão fenomenológica (doctoral dissertation).

Barnahus Quality Standards Summary 

Bullying: peer-to-peer maltreatment with severe consequences for child and adolescent mental health 

Child trafficking in Europe: What is the paediatrician’s role?

Combatting child abuse and neglect in Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Council of Europe Guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice

Handbook for policy makers on the rights of the child in the digital environment

Human Trafficking and Foreign Policy: An Introduction

Online behaviour related to child sexual abuse: Literature report

PIECES: Policy Investigation in Europe on Child Endangerment and Support

Preventing Child Maltreatment in Europe: A Public Health Approach

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse – Database of Best Practice

Prevention, disruption and deterrence of online child sexual exploitation and abuse

Primary prevention of child sexual abuse: Child focused interventions


Protecting children affected by the refugee crisis from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

Recognition of child maltreatment in emergency departments in Europe: Should we do better?

The protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies: Addressing the challenges raised by child self-generated sexual images and/or videos

Training and education in the Barnahus model: State of the art

When children’s testimonies are used as evidence: how children’s accounts may impact child custodial decisions


A experiência da Comarca de Abaetetuba na oitiva de crianças e adolescentes em situação de violência física e sexual

Association between violence in childhood and increase in the body mass index among adolescents

Association of child maltreatment and psychiatric diagnosis in Brazilian children and adolescents

Association of intrafamilial violence against children with symptoms of atopic and non-atopic asthma: A cross-sectional study in Salvador, Brazil

Child, neglect and oral health

Child sexual abuse in southern Brazil and associated factors: A population based study

Childhood depression: Exploring the association between family violence and other psychosocial factors in low-income Brazilian schoolchildren

Childhood Brazil. Special Testimony Project.

Childhood adversity and adult onset of Hypertension in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Childhood sexual abuse and indicators of immune activity: A systematic review

Cognitive behavioral group therapy for sexually abused girls

Consent and vulnerability: Some intersections between child sexual abuse and the trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation

Factors associated with child sexual abuse confirmation at forensic examinations Associations between inadequate parenting practices and behavioral problems in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Factors associated with child sexual abuse confirmation at forensic examinations

Knowing Conditions of Vulnerability of Adolescents that Committed Sexual Offense

Lessons learned from 30 years of coordinating the multidisciplinary response to child abuse-Children’s Advocacy Centers. Portuguese translation

Mothers who were sexually abused during childhood are more likely to have a child victim of sexual violence

National Children’s Advocacy Center’s Forensic Interview Structure-Portuguese translation

Possibilities for addressing child abuse in systematized nursing consultations

Pro Paz por Uma Cultura de Paz

Protocolo SATAC y testimonio infantil: revisión sistemática de la eficacia del protocolo SATAC como herramienta de entrevista forense

Resposta Multidisciplinar ao Abuso e á  Exploração de Croanças e Adolescentes

The dentist as a child abuse informer: A case report. Revista Científica do CRO-RJ 



A Complex Multimodal 4-Week Residential Treatment Program Significantly Reduces PTSD Symptoms in Child Sexual Abuse Victims: The Be Brave Ranch

A Conceptual Analysis of Interpersonal Resilience as a Key Resilience Domain: Understanding the Ability to Overcome Child Sexual Abuse and Other Adverse Interpersonal Contexts

A Critical Examination of Child Protection Initiatives in Sport Contexts

A Systematic Review of Childhood Maltreatment Assessments in Population-Representative Surveys Since 1990

Adaptation of Trauma0Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for cases of child sexual abuse with complex trauma: A clinical case illustration

An examination of trends in child sexual abuse investigations in Ontario over time

Approach to evaluation of sexual assault in children. Experience of a secondary-level regional pediatric sexual assault clinic

Assessment of the quality of the childhood physical abuse measure in the National Population Health Survey

Associations between Lifetime Spanking/ Slapping and Adolescent Physical and Mental Health and Behavioral Outcomes 

Building research capacity in child welfare in Canada

Burnout, psychological morbidity, job satisfaction, and stress: A survey of Canadian hospital based child protection professionals

Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect. 2000

Caregiver support in child sexual abuse : an investigation into factors that impact delays of disclosure

Caregivers’ Considerations of Remorse and Responsibility Among Youth Who Sexually Offend

Characteristics and Service Needs of Maltreated Children Referred for Mental Health Services at a Child Advocacy Centre in Canada

Child Abuse and Other Risks of Not Living with

Child abuse in a disciplinary context: A typology of violent family environments

Child and youth advocacy centres: A change in practice that can change a lifetime

Child maltreatment and sleep problems among adolescents in Ontario: A cross sectional study

Child maltreatment: Evidence review for newly arriving immigrants and refugees

Child Sexual Abuse among a Representative Sample of Quebec High School Students: Prevalence and Association with Mental Health Problems and Health-Risk Behaviors

Child sexual abuse as a risk factor for teen dating violence: Findings from a representative sample of Quebec youth

Child Sexual Abuse, Self-esteem, and Delinquent Behaviors During Adolescence: The Moderating Role of Gender

Child welfare response to child sexual abuse: too much or not enough?

Child and parent characteristics associated with Canadian parents’ reports of spanking

Childhood maltreatment as a risk factor for diabetes: Findings from a population-based survey of Canadian adults

Child Maltreatment-Related Investigations Involving Infants: opportunities for resilience?

Children’s and caregivers’ perspectives about mandatory reporting of child maltreatment: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Children’s Sexual Behaviours: A Parent’s Guide

Comparing intra and extra-familial child sexual abuse in a forensic context

Comportements sexuels problématiques chez les enfants: une recension systématique des facteurs associés 

Concerted Practice-Based Actions in Intimate Partner and Family Violence: When the Children’s Well-Being Is the Central Concern

Correlates of joint child protection and police child sexual abuse investigations: results from the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2008

Decision-Making Factors in the Mandatory Reporting of Child Maltreatment

Development of a Policy‐Relevant Child Maltreatment Research Strategy

Disentangling the Associations Between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Child Sexual Abuse: A Systematic Review

Does differential response make a difference: examining domestic violence cases in child protection services

Does mandatory reporting legislation increase contact with child protection?–a legal doctrinal review and an analytical examination

Educational neglect: Understanding 20 years of child welfare trends

Emotion Regulation and Mental Health among Men with Childhood Sexual Abuse Histories

Emotional and sexual correlates of child sexual abuse as a function of self-definition status

Epigenetic Modifications in Stress Response Genes Associated With Childhood Trauma

Ethical approach to genital examination of children

Examining the Relationship between Economic Hardship and Child Maltreatment Using Data from the Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2013 (OIS-2013)

Exploring How EMDR Social Workers in Eastern Canada Experience Vicarious Trauma

Exploring alternate specifications to explain agency-level effects in placement decisions regarding aboriginal children: Further analysis of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect Part B

Factors associated with resilience in preschoolers reporting sexual abuse: A typological analysis

From the Zone of Risk to the Zone of Resilience

Gender moderates the relationship between childhood abuse and internalizing and substance use disorders later in life: A cross-sectional analysis

Gendered Attributions of Blame and Failure to Protect in Child Welfare Responses to Sexual Abuse: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis

Identifying and targeting risk for involvement in bullying and victimization 

Implications of Parenting Behaviour and Adolescent Attachment for Understanding Adolescent Sexting

Individual-level factors related to better mental health outcomes following child maltreatment among adolescents

Intergenerational Transmission of Child Abuse and Neglect: A Transdisciplinary Analysis

Intergenerational transmission of adverse childhood experiences via maternal depression and anxiety and moderation by child sex

Interventions that Foster Healing Among Sexually Exploited Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Is child sexual abuse declining in Canada? Results from nationally representative retrospective surveys

L’absence de considération pour la notion de genre dans l’intervention auprès des enfants manifestant des comportements sexuels

La victimisation, une norme dans la vie des jeunes au Québec?problématiques et auprès de leurs parents

Latent class analysis of post-traumatic stress symptoms and complex PTSD in child victims of sexual abuse and their response to Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Lessons Learned in a Physician Referral to Pediatric Telemental Health Services Program

Leveraging Visibility, Gaining Capital? Social Media Use in the Fight Against Child Abusers: The Case of The Judge Beauce

L’intervention psychosociale et la violence envers les enfants: Une réflexion critique sur la pratique québécoise

Making a link between childhood physical abuse and cancer: results from a regional representative survey

Male Childhood Sexual Abuse, Self-Compassion, and Trauma Symptoms 

Mandated reporters’ experiences with reporting child maltreatment: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies Longitudinal associations between types of childhood trauma and suicidal behavior among substance users: A cohort study

Measuring childhood maltreatment to predict early-adult psychopathology: Comparison of prospective informant-reports and retrospective self-reports

Nature and severity of physical harm caused by child abuse and neglect: results from the Canadian Incidence Study

Neglect, educational success, and young people in out-of-home care: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses

On Exiting from Commercial Sexual Exploitation: Insights from Sex Trade Experienced Persons

Opportunities for prevention and intervention with young children: Lessons from the Canadian incidence study of reported child abuse and neglect

Parental reflective functioning as a moderator of child internalizing difficulties in the context of child sexual abuse

Patterns of reporting by health care and nonhealth care professionals to child protection services in Canada

Peer Victimization in Sexually Abused Children: The Mediating Role of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Perceptions and predictors of children’s credibility of a unique event and an instance of a repeated event

Positive mental health in adults reporting sexual abuse in childhood

Practical Strategies-Maltreated Adolescents: Social and Health Service Opportunities for Resilience

Prevalence of child physical and sexual abuse in the community: results from the Ontario Health Supplement

Prevalence of pain flashbacks in posttraumatic stress disorder arising from exposure to multiple traumas or childhood traumatization

Prevalence of Sexual Abuse by K-12 School Personnel in Canada, 1997–2017 

Prevalence of teen dating victimization among a representative sample of high school students in Quebec

Preventive health care, 2000 update: Prevention of child maltreatment

Profil psychosocial des enfants présentant des comportements sexuels problématiques dans les services québécois de protection de l’enfance

Profils des consommateurs de pornographie juvénile arrêtés au Québec: l’explorateur, le pervers et le polymorph

Psychosocial Profiles of Children Referred for Treatment for Sexual Behavior Problems or for Having Been Sexually Abused

Public health approach to child maltreatment

“Recruitment and Entrapment Pathways of Minors into Sex Trafficking in Canada and the United States: A Systematic Review”

Relationship between child abuse exposure and reported contact with child protection organizations: Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey

Representative board governance-What role do nonprofit board directors have in representing the interest of their constituents

Resilience Portfolios and Poly-Strengths: Identifying Strengths Associated with Wellbeing after Adversity

Rethinking Compassion Fatigue Through the Lens of Professional Identity The Case of Child-Protection Workers

Risk of firearm injuries among children and youth of immigrant families

The relationship between child protection contact and mental health outcomes among Canadian adults with a child abuse history

Secondary Traumatic Stress: The Hidden Trauma in Child and Youth Counsellors

Sentinel surveillance of child maltreatment cases presenting to Canadian emergency departments

Slapping and spanking in childhood and its association with lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a general population sample

Sleep disturbances and nightmares in victims of sexual abuse with posttraumatic stress disorder: An analysis of abuse-related characteristics

Substantiated reports of child maltreatment from the Canadian incidence study of reported child abuse and neglect 2008: Examining child and household characteristics and child functional impairment

Suicidal and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: Examining the Potential Impact of Direct and Indirect Forms of Childhood Maltreatment

Suicide Prevention in Child Welfare: The Quebec Experience

Taxinomie des besoins des enfants dont les mauvais traitements ou les troubles de comportement ont été jugés fondés par la direction de la protection de la jeunesse

The attachment video-feedback intervention (AVI) combined to the trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) for sexually abused preschoolers and their parents: A pilot study examining pre- to post-test changes

The child telepsychiatry project–a randomized controlled trial: (a comparison of initial child psychiatry assessments conducted via telemedicine to assessments conducted face-to-face)

The Decline of Child Sexual Abuse in Canada: Evidence From the 2014 General Social Survey

The effects of evidence-based expert testimony on perceptions of child sexual abuse involving recantation

The lasting effects of childhood trauma on mental health in adulthood: Current knowledge and practical next steps for clinical practice

The medical assessment of bruising in suspected child maltreatment cases: A clinical perspective

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre: Social Return on Investment Study

The spread of substance use and delinquency between adolescent twins

Trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada

What victims of crime can expect from the criminal justice system: Victims of crime protocol

Youth self-report of child maltreatment in representative surveys: A systematic review


Attitudes about child maltreatment in China and the Netherlands 

Ethnic Disparities and the Psychological Trauma of Maltreated Children: Evidence from Three Multi-ethnic Counties in China

Executive Summary: Findings from the UNH Multi-Site Evaluation of Children’s Advocacy Centers MANDARIN TRANSLATION.A Review of Child Sexual Abuse in China and A CSA Prevention Program for Chinese Preschool-aged Children

Benefits of Indirect Exposure to Trauma: The Relationships among Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth, Social Support, and Resilience in Ambulance Personnel in China

Child neglect in one-child families from Suzhou City of Mainland China

Childhood Maltreatment Influences Mental Symptoms: The Mediating Roles of Emotional Intelligence and Social Support


Executive Summary: Findings from the UNH Multi-Site Evaluation of Children’s Advocacy Centers MANDARIN TRANSLATION.

Forensic Interview Structure

Growing Problem in Rural Areas: Child Trafficking

Parental Worry, Family-Based Disaster Education and Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Prevalence and determinants of child maltreatment among high school students in Southern China: A large scale school based survey

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Early

“Prevention Alone Is Not Enough:” Stakeholders’ Perspectives About School-based Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention Programs and CSA Research in China

Polyvictimisation et comportements à risque chez des élèves chinois du High School

Reported prevalence of childhood maltreatment among Chinese college students: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Sexual coercion and health-risk behaviors among urban Chinese high school students

The burden of child maltreatment in China: A systematic review 


A prevalence-based approach to societal costs occurring in consequence of child abuse and neglect

A research programme to evaluate DBTPTSD, a modular treatment approach for Complex PTSD after childhood abuse

Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Consequences on Neurobiological, Psychosocial, and Somatic Conditions Across the Lifespan

Are There Any Biomarkers for Pedophilia and Sexual Child Abuse? A Review

Child Abuse and Neglect and the Burden of the COVID‐19 Pandemic on Families: A Series of Cases Consulted at the German Medical Child Protection 

Child Abuse and Neglect: Diagnosis and Management

Child protection: A universal concern and a permanent challenge in the field of child and adolescent mental health 

Childhood adversities and distress-the role of resilience in a representative sample

Development and randomized controlled trial evaluation of E-learning trainings for professionals

Do caregivers’ perspectives matter? Working alliances and treatment outcomes in traumafocused cognitive behavioural therapy with children and adolescents

Early Prevention of Maternal Sexual Abuse

Frequency of child maltreatment in a representative sample of the German population

Generalverdacht und sexueller Missbrauch in Kitas: Bausteine für ein Schutzkonzept1

How adverse childhood experiences relate to single and multiple health risk behaviours in German public university students: a cross-sectional analysis

Interpersonal trauma and associated psychopathology in girls and boys living in residential care

Kindheit, Sexualität und die Rolle der Medien

Kinder und Jugendliche mit problematischem sexuellen Verhalten in (teil-) stationären Hilfen zur Erziehung

Medizinische Diagnostik bei körperlicher Kindesmisshandlung

Medizinische, kriminalistische und juristische Aspekte von begutachteten Kindesmisshandlungen am Zentrum der Rechtsmedizin Frankfurt (1994-1999).

Missbrauch, Misshandlung, Vernachlässigung

Misshandlung und Vernachlässigung von Kindern–Diagnose und Vorgehen

Münchhausen-by-proxy-Syndrom als Kindesmisshandlung

Patterns of childhood abuse and neglect in a representative German population sample

Phänomenologische, kriminologische und epidemiologische Aspekte der Kindesmisshandlung im Großraum Hamburg. Eine retrospektive Analyse der klinisch rechtsmedizinischen Untersuchungen 1988 bis 2004

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Childhood Traumatic Loss: A Secondary Analysis of Symptom Severity and Treatment Outcome

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents with Disabilities–Evaluation Results of a Prevention Training for University Students

Psychiatric impact of organized and ritual child sexual abuse: Cross-sectional findings from individuals who report being victimized

Reasonable suspicion in reporting child maltreatment: A survey among German healthcare professionals

Sexual Violence Against Children and Transitional Justice: Bearing Witness and Preserving Testimony About Injustice in Childhood

Sexualle Mishandlungen sind so häufig wie Asthma; Emotional vernachlässigte Kinder leiden besonders oft unter Gewalt – bei sexuellen Misshandlungen, Die Symptome

Sexueller Kindesmissbrauch und Internet: Zwischen Prävention und Kriminalität

Uncovering Female Child Sexual Offenders—Needs and Challenges for Practice and Research

Und wenn irgendwie ein Problem auftaucht, ein ernstes volles Problem, also ganz helfen können sie dir auch nicht aus dem Problem, aber man kann

Understanding and breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse in families enrolled in routine mental health services: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial and two non-interventional trials investigating mechanisms of change within the UBICA II consortium

Varying Cognitive Scars – Differential Associations Between Types of Childhood Maltreatment and Facial Emotion Processing

Violence against children and adolescents by nursing staff: prevalence rates and implications for practice 

Wirksamkeit von Maßnahmen zur Prävention und Intervention im Fall sexueller Gewalt gegen Kinder 

Wirksamkeit von Präventionsmaßnahmen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen

Women with exposure to childhood interpersonal violence without psychiatric diagnoses show no signs of impairment in general functioning, quality of life and sexuality


Adolescent male peer sexual abuse: An issue often neglected

Adverse childhood experiences and substance misuse in young people in India: Results from the multisite cVEDA cohort

Analysis of Existing Legal Framework on Trafficking for CSEC

An epidemiological overview of child sexual abuse

Attitude of Parents, Teachers and Students towards Corporal Punishment

Can positive parenting program (Triple P) be useful to prevent child maltreatment?

Child Abuse: Is India Well-Equipped for the Challenge?

Child Maltreatment in the Indian Context

Child Online Protection in India

Child sexual abuse in India: A systematic review

Child sexual abuse awareness program for teachers and primary school girls

Child sexual abuse: Issues & concerns

Child Sexual Abuse: Management and Prevention, and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act

Childhood Psychological Abuse and Mental Health of Youth

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Child Sexual Abuse

Defining and measuring vulnerability in young people

Development of the SAFE Checklist Tool for Assessing Site-Level Threats to Child Protection: Use of Delphi Methods and Application to Two Sites in India

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Corporal Punishment on Children Among School Teacher at Selected Schools in Bangalore

Gender (in) differences in prevalence and incidence of traumatic experiences among orphaned and separated children living in five low-and middle-income countries

Maltreatment experiences as predictors of self-esteem and psychiatric morbidity among sheltered homeless adolescents Changing livelihood, disaster and human trafficking-A study of the disaster affected areas of Assam

Munchausen syndrome by proxy: An alarming face of child abuse

 Nymphomania Associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Case Report

POCSO Act, 2012: Consensual Sex as a Matter of Tug of War Between Developmental Need and Legal Obligation for the Adolescents in India

Prevalence of violence against children in families in Tripura and its relationship with socio-economic factors

Revenge porn by teens in the United States and India: A socio-legal analysis

Sexual offenses against children: Emerging legal responses & legislative policy making

Silence of male child sexual abuse in India: Qualitative analysis of barriers for seeking psychiatric help in a multidisciplinary unit in a general hospital

The role of media in creating awareness on child sexual abuse among school students

Towards protection of children against sexual abuse: No child’s play

The effect of maternal child marriage on morbidity and mortality of children under 5 in India: Cross sectional study of a nationally representative sample

The Need for Training Medical professionals in Child Sexual Abuse

“What, Why, and How” Model of Parent-Mediated Sexuality Education for Children With Intellectual Disability: An Illustrated Account


Association between experience of child abuse and severity of drug addiction measured by the addiction severity index among Japanese drug-dependent patients

Association between mothers’ problematic Internet use and maternal recognition of child abuse

Effectiveness of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for Japanese children and adolescents in community settings: a multisite randomized controlled trial

Fatal child abuse in Japan: Does a trend exist toward tougher sentencing?

How parents suspected of child maltreatment change their cognition and behavior: A process model of outreach and child protection, generated via grounded theory

Inter-agency collaboration factors affecting multidisciplinary workers’ ability to identify child maltreatment 

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for Child Maltreatment Prevention in Japan: A Literature Review

Measuring Japanese mothers’ perception of child abuse: Development of a Japanese version of the child abuse blame scale – physical abuse (CABS-PA-J

Perinatal Determinants of Child Maltreatment in Japan

Perinatal Factors Associated with Infant Maltreatment. Clinical Medicine Insights

The burden of disease and the cost of illness attributable to child maltreatment in Japan: long-term health consequences largely matter

The cycle of violence: childhood abuse history, domestic violence and child maltreatment among Japanese mothers

The Relationship between Child Maltreatment and Emotion Recognition

Validity of Caregivers’ Reports on Head Trauma Due to Falls in Young Children Aged Less than 2 Years. Clinical Medicine Insights

World Mental Health Japan Survey Group 2002–2006. Childhood adversities and adult use of potentially injurious physical discipline in Japan

子どもの権利擁護センター(CAC) および 

世界最初のCAC-National Children’s Advocacy Center.


A Descriptive Mixed-Methods Analysis of Sexual Behavior and Knowledge in Very Young Children Assessed for Sexual Abuse: The ASAC Study 

A longitudinal perspective on childhood adversities and onset risk of various psychiatric disorders

A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of Family Group Conferencing in Child Welfare: Effectiveness, Moderators, and Level of FGC Completion

A screening protocol for child abuse at out-of-hours primary care locations: A descriptive study 

An intergenerational family study on the impact of experienced and perpetrated child maltreatment on neural face processing

 Beliefs About Children’s Memory and Child Investigative Interviewing Practices: A Survey in Dutch Child Protection Professionals from ‘Safe Home’

Big news stories and longitudinal data collection: A prominent child sexual abuse case negatively affects parents’ attitudes toward male caregivers

Child Maltreatment, Peer Victimization, and Mental Health: Neurocognitive Perspectives on the Cycle of Victimization

Childhood Adversity and Adult Health: The Role of Developmental Timing and Associations With Accelerated Aging   

Child Protection Victims and the “Evil Institutions”

Child Protection Service interference in childhood and the relation with mental health problems and delinquency in young adulthood: A latent class analysis study

Clinical practice: recognizing child sexual abuse—what makes it so difficult?

 COVID-19 related stigma and health-protective behaviours among adolescents in the Netherlands: An explorative study

Design of a prospective study on mental health and quality of life of maltreated children (ages5-16) after a report to an advice and reporting center on child abuse and neglect

Design of a quasi-experiment on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using the child-interview intervention during the investigation following a report of child abuse and/or neglect

Detection of unsafety in families with parental and/or child developmental problems at the start of family support

Dissociation: An insufficiently recognized major feature of complex posttraumatic stress disorder

Early risk factors for being a bully, victim, or bully/victim in late elementary and early secondary education. The longitudinal TRAILS study

Educational Paper: Detection of child abuse and neglect at the emergency room

Effects of an Interactive School-Based Program for Preventing Adolescent Sexual Harassment: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Evaluation Study.

Exploring the interrelatedness of risk factors for child maltreatment: A network approach

Finding Keys: A Systematic Review of Barriers and Facilitators for Refugee Children’s Disclosure of Their Life Stories

Higher Levels of Harsh Parenting During the COVID-19 Lockdown in the Netherlands

Identifying Effective Components of Child Maltreatment Interventions: A Meta-analysis

Implementation of the Dutch expertise centre for child abuse: descriptive data from the first 4 years

Intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment using a multi-informant multi-generation family design  

Interplay of psychosis and victimisation across the life course: a prospective study in the general population

Like Father, like Child: Early Life Family Adversity and Children’s Bullying Behaviors in Elementary School

Linking experiences of child sexual abuse to adult sexual intimate partner violence: the role of borderline personality features, maladaptive cognitive emotion regulation, and dissociation 

Peer victimization and internalizing problems in children: A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies
Physical symptoms in very young children assessed for sexual abuse: A mixed method analysis from the ASAC study

Observer Reactions to Emotional Victims of Serious Crimes: Stereotypes and Expectancy Violations

Prevalence of child maltreatment in the Netherlands: An update and cross-time comparison

Reports of sexual abuse of children in state care: A comparison between children with and without intellectual disability

Self-Reported Quality of Life of Maltreated Children Who Have Been Reported to Advice and Reporting Centers on Child Abuse and Neglect

Sexual abuse in very young children: A psychological assessment in the Amsterdam Sexual Abuse Case study

Speaking With and Without Words—An Analysis of Foster Children’s Expressions and Behaviors That Are Suggestive of Prior Sexual Abuse

Talking About Feelings: Mother–Child Emotion Dialogues Among Sexually Abused Children

The burden of proof of the Dutch police: Why the scenario model continues to deliver low‐quality child interviews

The Effect of VoorZorg, the Dutch Nurse-Family Partnership, on Child Maltreatment and Development: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The role of client empathy in treatment outcome in a sample of adolescents referred to forensic youth psychiatric services 

The value of a checklist for child abuse in out-of-hours primary care: to screen or not to screen

Using text mining and machine learning for detection of child abuse

Value of systematic detection of physical child abuse at emergency rooms: A cross-sectional diagnostic accuracy study

Weakened Resilience in Parenting Self-Efficacy in Pregnant Women Who Were Abused in Childhood: An Experimental Test


Associations between adverse childhood experiences and adversities later in life. Survey data from a high-risk Norwegian sample

Barnehus-Evalueringen 2012

Barnehusevalueringen 2012. DELRAPPORT 2

Child maltreatment and quality of life: A study of adolescents in residential care

Children’s rights and teachers’ responsibilities: Reproducing or transforming the cultural taboo on child sexual abuse?

Clarifying associations between childhood adversity, social support, behavioral factors, and mental health, health, and well-being in adulthood: A population-based study

Cyberbullying status and mental health in Norwegian adolescents

Externalising behaviour from infancy to mid-adolescence: Latent profiles and early predictors 

Forensic interviews with preschool children: An analysis of extended interviews in Norway (2015–2017)

In the Best Interest of the Child: the Norwegian Approach to Child Protection

Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police

Police Officers Do Not Need More Training; But Different Training. Policing Domestic Violence and Abuse Involving Children: A Rapid Review

Prevalence of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in the Norwegian mother and child cohort study

Sequential interviews with preschool children in Norwegian barnahus 

Test balloons? Small signs of big events: A qualitative study on circumstances facilitating adults’ awareness of children’s first signs of abuse

The long-term effects of being bullied or a bully in adolescence on externalizing and internalizing mental health problems in adulthood

 The mediating role of posttraumatic stress reactions in the relationship between child abuse and physical health complaints in adolescence and young adulthood 

Walking Children Through a Minefield: How Professionals Experience Exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences

What Do Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Believe Will Facilitate Early Disclosure of Sexual Abuse?

Where is the child in family therapy service after family violence? A study from the Norwegian Family Protection Service

South Africa

A phenomenological study of vicarious trauma experienced by caregivers working with children in a place of safety in the Western Cape

An analysis of retrospective and repeat prospective reports of adverse childhood experiences from the South African Birth to Twenty Plus cohort

An exploration of student perceptions of the risks and protective factors associated with child sexual abuse and incest in the Western Cape, South Africa

Child Prostitution and Sex Tourism (Vol. 6)

Educator sexual misconduct: Exposing or causing learners to be exposed to child pornography or pornography

Factors that influence the reporting of child sexual abuse amongst primary school teachers in South Africa: An application of the theory of planned behaviour 

Gender differences in homicide of neonates, infants, and children under 5 y in South Africa: Results from the cross-sectional 2009 National Child Homicide Study

Identification and initial care process of child victims of transnational trafficking: A social work perspective

Interrogating the Significance of Professionalism and Professional Ethics in the Teaching Profession

Kidz Clinics and Roots ‘n Shoots (1)

Reconceptualising teacher professionalism to address school violence: A quest to end corporal punishment

Redefining Resilience: A Process-centered Approach for Interventions with Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

Reversing the ‘syndrome of secrecy’: Peremptory reporting obligations in cases of child abuse and neglect

Sexual Violence by Educators in South African Schools: Gaps in Accountability

Structural Pathways between Child Abuse, Poor Mental Health Outcomes and Male-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

The experiences of early childhood development home visiting in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa

The impact of child sexual abuse

The prevalence of child sexual abuse in South Africa: The Optimus Study South Africa.

The perceptions of Setswana parents regarding the disclosure of child sexual abuse

The perceptions of social workers regarding the relationship between sexualized behaviour and self-nurturing amongst children in middle childhoo

Trafficking in children in South Africa: An analysis of pending legislation


A quality review of Swedish Barnahus

A quality review of Swedish Barnahus-2012. Strengths and Weaknesses

Adolescent sexual health in Sweden

A critical examination of investigative methods in fifteen cases of alleged child sexual abuse in Sweden

Are stressful life events causally related to the severity of obsessive-compulsive symptoms? A monozygotic twin difference study

Alcohol and drug abuse among young adults who grew up in substitute care—Findings from a Swedish national cohort study

Bully, bullied and abused. Associations between violence at home and bullying in childhood


Child Sexual Abuse—Challenging Conditions for Adult Oral Health: A Qualitative Study

Child Sexuality and Sexual Behavior; Expert Report 2001-123-20 

Childhood exposure to physical and emotional violence over a 57-year period in Sweden

Children’s actions when experiencing domestic violence

Collaborating Against Child Abuse: Exploring the Nordic Barnahus Model

Combating online child sexual abuse material. An explorative study of Swedish police investigations

Court evaluations of young children’s testimony in child sexual abuse cases

Experiences and psychological health among children exposed to online child sexual abuse – a mixed methods study of court verdicts

Health care consumption and psychiatric diagnoses among adolescent girls 1 and 2 years after a first-time registered child sexual abuse experience: A cohort study in the Stockholm Region

Increased risk of child maltreatment and mental health problems among adolescents with restrictions regarding choice of future partner: Results from a Swedish school-based survey

Victimization, polyvictimization, and health in Swedish adolescents.

Multiple Traumas: How do they affect children and what do the children need?

Mobile technology for mental health assessment
Parents’ experiences of seeking health care and encountering allegations of shaken baby syndrome: A qualitative study

Prosecutors’ reflections on sexually abused preschoolers and their ability to stand trial

Prosecution of child sexual abuse cases involving preschool-aged children: A study of Swedish cases from 2010 to 2014

Intra-Familial and Extra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse: Differences in Swedish Court Cases

Strong association between earlier abuse and revictimization in youth

Representation of multiple durations in children and adults

Iuti Ett Barnahus-En Kvalitetsgranskning av 23 Svenska Verksamheter

Prosecutors’ reflections on sexually abused preschoolers and their ability to stand trial

Evidence for a relationship between child maltreatment and absenteeism among high-school students in Sweden

Sexual debut before the age of 14 leads to poorer psychosocial health and risky behaviour in later life

Differences in sexual behavior, health, and history of child abuse among school students who had and had not engaged in sexual activity by the age of 18 years: A cross-sectional study 

Sexual offending runs in families: A 37-year nationwide study

There was nothing but her story: Prosecution of alleged child sexual abuse of preschoolers

Two Clicks Away. An analysis analysis of the offence of viewing child sexual abuse materials on the Internet

Recognition and identification of children in preschool and school who are exposed to domestic violence

Violence victimisation—a watershed for young women’s mental and physical health

The NorVold Abuse Questionnaire (NorAQ) Validation of new measures of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and abuse in the health care system among women

Prevalence of perceived experiences of emotional, physical, sexual, and health care abuse in a Swedish male patient sample

Why Didn’t They Tell Us? On Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography

When children victims of sexual abuse don’t behave as we expect

Interrogating to Detect Deception and Truth: Effects of Strategic Use of Evidence

Facing suspected child abuse–what keeps Swedish general practitioners from reporting to child protective services?

Subjective health complaints in adolescent victims of cyber harassment: Moderation through support from parents/friends – a Swedish population-based study

United Kingdom

A critical analysis of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services policy in England

A discursive analysis of compliance, resistance and escalation to threats in sexually exploitative interactions between offenders and male children

Adverse childhood experiences: a retrospective study to understand their associations with lifetime mental health diagnosis, self-harm or suicide attempt, and current low mental wellbeing in a male Welsh prison population

A model law for the mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse in England and Wales: Submission to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse 

A profile of suspected child abuse as a subgroup of major trauma patients

 A simple approach to improve recording of concerns about child maltreatment in primary care records: Developing a quality improvement intervention

Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Guidance on Interviewing Victims and Witnesses, and Using Special Measures

Advice on child internet safety 1.0 Universal guidelines for providers

An evaluation of the parents under pressure programme: A study protocol for an RCT into its clinical and cost effectiveness

Assessing childhood maltreatment and mental health correlates of disordered eating profiles in a nationally representative sample of English females

Associations of adversity in childhood and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in mid-adulthood

Association between maternal childhood trauma and offspring childhood psychopathology: mediation analysis from the ALSPAC cohort

Associations between developmental timing of child abuse and conduct problem trajectories in a UK birth cohort

Beyond the Physical Incident Model: How children living with domestic violence are harmed by and resist regimes of coercive control

Beyond “witnessing”: Children’s experiences of coercive control in domestic violence and abuse

British children can be trafficked too: Towards an inclusive definition of internal child sex trafficking

Bruising in children who are assessed for suspected physical abuse

Business as usual? Psychological support at a distance

Child homicide: Generating victim and suspect risk profiles

Child maltreatment as a predictor of adult physical functioning in a prospective British birth cohort

Child maltreatment and blood pressure in young adulthood

Child, neglect and oral health

Child neglect: what does it have to do with general practice?

Child Protection in Sport: Reflections on Thirty Years of Science and Activism

Child sexual abuse in the context of schools

Child sexual abuse in the context of children’s homes and residential care

Child sexual abuse in Ireland: An historical and anthropological note

 Child Sexual Abuse: Common, Under-Reported and Concomitant with Other Maltreatment

Child Sexual Exploitation: A study of international comparisons

Childhood adversity and midlife suicidal ideation

Childhood adversity and DNA methylation in two population-based cohorts

Childhood maltreatment and BMI trajectories to mid-adult life: Follow-up to age 50y in a British birth cohort

Childhood traumatic events and adolescent overgeneral autobiographical memory: Findings in a UK cohort

Children and young people disclosing abuse: An introduction to the research

Children’s corporeal agency and use of space in situations of domestic violence 

Children’s embodied experience of living with domestic violence: “I’d go into my panic, and shake, really bad”

Children’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse: Siblings’ accounts of relational coping

Colposcopic genital findings in prepubertal girls assessed for sexual abuse

Complex PTSD, interpersonal trauma and relational consequences: Findings from a treatment-receiving Northern Irish sample

Cyberbullying: Its nature and impact in secondary school pupils

Dead children from problem families in NE Wiltshire

Disentangling the mental health impact of child abuse and neglect

Domestic violence, children’s agency and mother–child relationships: Towards a more advanced model

Dynamics of repeated interviews with children

Early intervention in domestic violence and abuse

Exploration of a Novel Preventative Policing Approach in the United Kingdom to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Family group decision‐making for children at risk of abuse or neglect: A systematic review 

First steps: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of the Group Family Nurse Partnership (gFNP) program compared to routine care in improving outcomes for high-risk mothers and their children and preventing abuse

From Playground to Prison: The case for reviewing the age of criminal responsibility

GPs role identifying young people who self-harm: A mixed methods study

How safe are our children? The most comprehensive overview of child protection in the UK

Iconicity affects children’s comprehension of complex sentences: The role of semantics, clause order, input and individual differences

“I Know People Think I’m a Complete Pain in the Neck”: An Examination of the Introduction of Child Protection and “Safeguarding” in English Sport from the Perspective of National Governing Body Safeguarding Lead Officers

Individual, family and abuse characteristics of 700 British child and adolescent sexual abusers

Intergenerational Transmission of Domestic Violence: Practitioners’ Perceptions and Experiences of Working with Adult Victims and Perpetrators in the UK

“If it’s not better, it’s not the end”: Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups: one year on

Impact of adverse childhood experiences on health service use across the life course using a retrospective cohort stud

Impact of bullying in childhood on adult health, wealth, crime, and social outcomes

Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups. Interim Report

Interpreting fractures in child maltreatment

Interventions to Improve the Response of Professionals to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Systematic Review

It’s a lonely journey: a rapid evidence assessment on intrafamilial child sexual abuse

Lesson of the week child sexual abuse enquiries and unrecognised vulval lichen sclerosus et atrophicus

Lessons learned from the past: Legal issues arising from Ireland’s child abuse reports

Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus and sexual abuse

Linguistically complex recognition prompts in pre‐recorded cross‐examinations

Making paediatric assessment in suspected sexual abuse a therapeutic experience

Maternal depression during pregnancy and offspring depression in adulthood: role of child maltreatment

Measurement of Sibling Violence: A Two-Factor Model of Severity

Measuring the scale and changing nature of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation: scoping report

Measuring mortality and the burden of adult disease associated with adverse childhood experiences in England: A national survey

Memories of childhood neglect and abuse: Corroboration in a series of sisters

Mental health service responses to human trafficking: A qualitative study of professionals’ experiences of providing care

Mothers and children as informants of bullying victimization: Results from an epidemiological cohort of children

Moving children? Child trafficking, child migration, and child rights

Non-contact ultra widefield retinal imaging of infants with suspected abusive head trauma 

Notifications for child safeguarding from an acute hospital in response to presentations to healthcare by parents

One hundred years of telemedicine-Does this new technology have a place in paediatrics   

Out of the wilderness and into the fold: The school nurse and child protection

Parenting programs for the prevention of child physical abuse recurrence: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

Perspectives on female sexual offending in an Irish context

Policing online child sexual abuse

Post-mortem imaging of the infant and perinatal dura mater and superior sagittal sinus using optical coherence tomography 

Potential impediments to the recognition of the sexual exploitation of young males under 18

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse through Education: The work of Stop it Now! Wales

Professional boundaries in teacher-pupil relationships: does the model of professional conduct in regulatory standards and codes of conduct impose teacher-pupil relationships that are pedagogically and personally limiting?

Prospective study of peer victimization in childhood and psychotic symptoms in a nonclinical population at age 12 years

Psychological consequences of child trafficking: An historical cohort study of trafficked children in contact with secondary mental health services

Raising suspicion of maltreatment from burns: Derivation and validation of the BuRN-Tool

Researching Distressing Topics: Emotional Reflexivity and Emotional Labor in the Secondary Analysis of Children and Young People’s Narratives of Abuse

Risk Factors for Severe Inter-Sibling Violence: A Preliminary Study of a Youth Forensic Sample

Safeguarding the child athlete in sport: a review, a framework and recommendations for the IOC youth athlete development model

Safeguarding children from sexual abuse in residential schools

Serotonin transporter polymorphism (5HTTLPR), severe childhood abuse and depressive symptom trajectories in adulthood

Sexual behaviours in indecent images of children: A content analysis

Sexual Trauma in Childhood and Adulthood as Predictors of Psychotic‐like Experiences: The Mediating Role of Dissociation

‘so is your mom as cute as you?’: Examining patterns of language use by online sexual groomers

Standardizing digital forensic examination procedures: A look at Windows 10 in cases involving images depicting child sexual abuse

Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children

Substitute care for sexually abused and abusing children. [Executive Summary]

Support services for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse

Telehealth and telemedicine- how the digital era is changing standard health care

Testing the cycle of maltreatment hypothesis: Meta-analytic evidence of the intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment

The Development of Guidance for Responding to Disclosure of Non‐recent Child Sexual Abuse within a Large Provider of Health Services for Adults and Children

The health needs and healthcare experiences of young people trafficked into the UK

The long-term effects of childhood neglect or abuse: Implications for child and family services in the UK

The management of disclosure in children’s accounts of domestic violence: Practices of telling and not telling

The Negligence Liability of Local Authorities for Failure to Protect Children from Abuse: Where to Draw the Line?

The normalization of sibling violence: Does gender and personal experience of violence influence perceptions of physical assault against siblings?

The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment and other types of victimization in the UK: Findings from a population survey of caregivers, children and young people and young adults

The relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect: An evidence review

The use of out-of-home and secure care in response to child sexual abuse/exploitation and trafficking

Threat Assessment of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Trauma history characteristics associated with mental states at clinical high risk for sychosis

Treating posttraumatic stress disorder remotely with cognitive therapy for PTSD 

 “Under His Spell”: Victims’ Perspectives of Being Groomed Online

Understanding and supporting law enforcement professionals working with distressing material: Findings from a qualitative study

Use of the colposcope in examination for sexual abuse

Variation in recorded child maltreatment concerns in UK primary care records: A cohort study using The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database
What science tells us about false and repressed memories

What Helps Children Tell? A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure

When Should the Police Investigate Cases of Non-recent Child Sexual Abuse?

When to suspect child maltreatment: Summary of NICE guidance

Which clinical features distinguish inflicted from non-inflicted brain injury? A systematic review

Which clinical features distinguish inflicted from non-inflicted brain injury? A systematic review. Supplementary material

Working with a community to prevent child sexual abuse in the home

Working with fathers to improve children’s well-being: Results of a survey exploring service provision and intervention approach in the UK

‘Young people who engage in child sexual exploitation behaviours : An exploratory study

” You can trust me…” Young people going missing and at risk of, or abused through, child sexual exploitation in North Wales

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