Professional Bibliographies

The NCAC Professional Bibliographies series provides guides to the literature for practitioners working with children and adolescents who have been sexually, emotionally or physically abused. These bibliographies provide citations with abstracts to selected publications on selected topics. Journal articles, books, chapters, and other publications that are reasonably available appear in the bibliographies.

The bibliographies are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and require Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site.

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Forensic Interviewing

Alternative hypotheses in the child forensic interview
Bias/Neutrality Among Multidisciplinary Team Members Investigating Child Sexual Abuse
Culture and Diversity Issues in Forensic Interviews of Children
Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse

Documenting the Child Forensic Interview
Effects of Interviewer Gender on Disclosure
Emotional Barriers to Children's Disclosure of Abuse
Episodic and Script Memory in Children
Fantastic Elements in Children's Disclosures
Forensic Interviews at Trial
Inconsistencies in Children's Accounts
Interpreters in Forensic Interviews of Children
Interviewing Child Witnesses of Violent Crime
Interviewing Children with Disabilities
Interviewing Preschoolers
Narrative Practice in Forensic Interviews of Children
Ongoing Supervision, Continued Training and Peer Review of Child Forensic Interviewers
Question Types in Forensic Interviews of Children
Rapport in Child Forensic Interviews
Temporal Aspects in Child Forensic Interviews
Truth-Lie Conversations in Forensic Interviews of Children
Use of Media in Forensic Interviews of Children        Entire collection or each section accessible separately below.

Treatment/Mental Health

Animal Assistance: Research and Practice
Domestic Violence Effects on Children
Issues Affecting Utilization of Mental Health Treatment by Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Their Caregivers
Play Therapy for Abused and Traumatized Children
Psychological Impact of Natural Disaster on Children
Resilience Among Victims of Child Maltreatment

Co-Occurrence and other types of victimizations

Animal Abuse Co-occurring with Child Maltreatment
Child Poly-victimization and Multi-Type Maltreatment
Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence Co-Occurring with Child Maltreatment
Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors
Domestic Violence Effects on Children

Victims and Perpetrators

Child Maltreatment and Links to Later Criminality
Child Maltreatment: Victim to Victimizer?
Child Pornography: Victims, victimizers, and victimization
Educator Sexual Misconduct
Female and Juvenile Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse
The Manipulation (Grooming) of Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Legal Issues

Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Custody Cases
Children's Testimony-Issues and Concerns
False Allegations in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse
Mandatory Reporting of Child Maltreatment
Prosecution of child sexual abuse cases
Recantation in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Special Populations

Caregivers of Abused Children
Child Maltreatment and Military Families
Child Maltreatment in Native American and Alaska Native Communities
Child Maltreatment in Sports
Child Maltreatment Victims with Disabilities
Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Child Advocacy Center and Professional Issues

Annotated Bibliography of the Empirical and Scholarly Literature Supporting the Ten Standards for Accreditation by the National Children's Alliance, 2nd Edition
Bias/Neutrality Among Multidisciplinary Team Members Investigating Child Sexual Abuse
Children’s Advocacy Centers -The Literature: A Bibliography Arranged by Date
Children’s Advocacy Centers -The Literature: A Bibliography Arranged by Topic
Cultural Competency
Efficacy of Children's Advocacy Centers
Multidisciplinary Teams and Collaboration in Child Abuse Investigations
Secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma among professionals who work with victims of child maltreatment
Victim Advocacy

Author Collections

Cordelia Anderson: Selected References
David Finkelhor Collection
Michael E. Lamb: A Selected Reference List
Sandy Wurtele Collection
Tom Lyon Collection
Debra A. Poole Collection
Martine B. Powell Collection
David La Rooy Collection
Sonja Brubacher Collection
Henry Otgaar Collection
William J. Friedman Collection

Miscellaneous Topics

Abusive Head Trauma
Adverse Effects/Economic Impact of Child Maltreatment
Child Fatalities
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Costs Associated with Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
Declining Rates of Child Sexual Abuse
Impact of Methamphetamine on Children
Medical Evaluation of Children When Abuse is Suspected
Neurobiological Effects of Child Maltreatment
Preventing Child Maltreatment in Youth Serving Organizations