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What’s Your CALiO™ IQ November 2018

In the study, A Pilot Study of Trauma-Focused Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy Delivered via Telehealth Technology, which of these was not among the study’s results?

A. the treatment resulted in statistically significant and clinically meaningful change in pre-to post-symptoms of PTSD for all patients

B. providers reported low satisfaction with the telehealth delivery model

C. Technical difficulties were minimal and appeared to be related to problems logging into the videoconferencing software and slow-speed Internet connections

D. All caregivers responded that the level of rapport with the therapist was as good as in-person visits

E. All individuals who began treatment successfully completed treatment

The Answer is B. All caregivers reported high satisfaction. All caregivers reported that telehealth sessions were convenient and that the caregiver and child were comfortable interacting with the clinician via telehealth.

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