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What’s your CALiO™ IQ November 2017

In the Research-to-Practice Summary, Considerations for the Multidisciplinary Team and Children’s Advocacy Center Approach to Recantation, it was suggested that MDTs should consider developing guidelines within their existing investigative protocol to outline steps for addressing recantation. Which of these were among the  suggested guidelines?

A. Provide training for all MDT professionals regarding dynamics of abuse, process of disclosure, and recantation

B. Provide immediate therapeutic intervention for children post disclosure, with involved caregiver participation

C. Provide involved caregivers increased support and education regarding how to support their child post disclosure

D. Assess existing support systems and offer support services as needed (i.e., basic needs, childcare, transportation)

E. All of the above

Answer:  E. Read more of the results by entering the article title in the CALiO™Collections search box

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