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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Two new bibliographies, Culture and Diversity Issues in Forensic Interviews of Children  and Fantastic Elements in Children’s Disclosures have been added to CALiO’s  Professional Bibliographies series. Both are in the Forensic Interviewing section.  

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1. In the study, The trauma of commercial sexual exploitation of youth: A comparison of CSE victims to sexual abuse victims in a clinical sample, what differences were found between the two groups? A. CSE victims reported significantly greater involvement … Continue reading

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A new bibliography, Fantastic Elements in Children’s Disclosures, is available  in the forensic interviewing section of CALiO’s Professional Bibliographies.

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Complex Trauma: In Urban African-American Children, Youth, and Families Executive function as a mediator in the link between single or complex trauma and posttraumatic stress in children and adolescents When Traumatic Stressors are Not Past, But Now: Psychosocial Treatment to … Continue reading

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