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What’s New in CALiO™? June 2019

Resources for the medical professional: Policy brief on the nursing response to human trafficking When clinicians are summoned to testify in court: Orientation to the process and suggestions on preparation Psychological impact of traumatic events in rural nursing...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? June 2019

True or False? In the publication, Psychological impact of traumatic events in rural nursing practice: An integrative review, it was revealed that exposure to traumatic events does not have a negative psychological and physical impact on nurses in rural locations....

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? May 2019

Multiple choice  In the publication, Brand Strategy Co-Creation in a Nonprofit Context: A Strategy-as-Practice Approach, four processes characterizing strategic branding practice were identified.  Which one of these was NOT among the four processes? A. Informing...

What’s new in CALiO™? New and updated bibliographies

New and updated bibliographies to the research: A new bibliography, Developmental Considerations in Children’s Eyewitness Identification, has been added to the Professional Bibliography series. Also, several bibliographies including, Medical Evaluation of Children...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? April 2019

True or False?  In the study titled, Understanding perceptions of child maltreatment risk: A qualitative study of Early Head Start home visitors,  it was found that two reasons why home visitors may not discuss risk for maltreatment with families were home visitor...

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