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What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? August 2021

True or False? In the study, Opioid Prescription Rates and Risk for Substantiated Child Abuse and Neglect: A Bayesian Spatiotemporal Analysis, results showed that higher opioid prescribing rates were not associated with greater risk for substantiated child abuse and...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? June 2021

In the publication, Trends in U.S. Emergency Department Visits Related to Suspected or Confirmed Child Abuse and Neglect Among Children and Adolescents Aged <18 Years Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, January 2019–September 2020,  which...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? March 2021

True or False? In the research titled, Teaching Youth to Resist Abuse: Evaluation of a Strengths-Based Child Maltreatment Curriculum for High School Students, results of the program evaluation showed that high school students appeared to gain safety related resistance...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? January 2021

Multiple Choice In the study, Understanding and Supporting Law Enforcement Professionals Working with Distressing Material: Findings from a Qualitative Study, which of these were found to mediate law enforcement professionals’ resilience? A. Job satisfactio B....

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