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What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? October 2023

Multiple Choice In the study, Barriers to Services at the Intersection of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of Parents with Lived Experience and Professionals, which of these was NOT a common barrier stated by participants when...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? August 2023

True or False?   In the publication, The Other Side of the ACEs Pyramid: A Healing Framework for Indigenous Communities, a shift toward resiliency, positive pathways, health promotion, and protective factors is reflected in the seven areas of the model. This is true....

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? June 2023

Multiple Choice   In the study, Trajectories of Resilience among Young Children Involved with Child Protective Services, which of these outcomes were found? A. Higher levels of cognitive stimulation, but not parental emotional support, were predictive of increasing...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? August 2022

True or False? In the Praesidium Report 2022  the benchmarking analysis of ten national youth-serving organizations (YSOs) found that five out of ten of the YSOs required adult employees/volunteers to sign off on a code of conduct for working with consumers. This is...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? July 2022

Multiple choice   In the study, Did Your Mom Help You Remember?: An Examination of Attorneys’ Subtle Questioning About Suggestive Influence to Children Testifying About Child Sexual Abuse,  which of these was NOT found? A. Attorneys did not commonly ask about...

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