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What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? November 2019

True or False? In the publication, Pragmatic Failure and Referential Ambiguity when Attorneys Ask Child Witnesses “Do You Know/Remember” Questions, the prosecution asked significantly more  “Do You Know/Remember” questions than defense asked. This is False.  The...

New NCAC Fact Sheet

Attorney’s Questioning of Children (Part 1): A Fact Sheet has been added to CALiO’s Fact Sheet Collection.

What’s New in CALiO™? September 2019

NCAC’s bibliographies to the literature about children’s advocacy center work have been updated with the latest research. Children’s Advocacy Centers -The Literature: A Bibliography  Children’s Advocacy Centers -The Literature: A Topical...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? September 2019

True or False? In the research titled,  Outcry consistency and prosecutorial decisions in child sexual abuse cases,  cases with full disclosure were more than three times more likely to be accepted for prosecution than cases with partial disclosure. This is True. ...

What’s New in CALiO™? August 2019

Read these publications about children’s testimony. Enter publication titles in the CALiO™Collections search box. Younger and older adults’ lie-detection and credibility judgments of children’s coached reports   Narrative skill and testimonial accuracy in...

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