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What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? February 2023

Multiple Choice From the study, Gendered Attributions of Blame and Failure to Protect in Child Welfare Responses to Sexual Abuse: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis, which of these was not found in the case file review. A. Notwithstanding the widespread use of...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? January 2023

True or False? In the research, How Interviewers Navigate Child Abuse Disclosure After an Unproductive Start in Forensic Interviews, results showed that the three most prevalent strategies immediately before disclosure were high-quality questions, transition prompts,...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? December 2022

True or False? In the study, Factors Influencing Levels of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Non-offending Caregivers of Children with Sexual or Physical Abuse Histories, the researchers found that caregivers’ self-reported STS symptomatology appeared to peak immediately...

What’s Your CALiO™ IQ? November 2022

In the publication, Sustaining Treatment for Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior: Administrator and Stakeholder Perspectives Following Implementation, professionals who were interviewed identified which of these as primary factors impacting the sustainability of...

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