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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

The Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO™) provides information on this site, and in response to specific requests, for educational purposes only. The information provided by CALiO™ is not a substitute for professional counseling, legal advice, qualified social service or the advice of a professional healthcare provider. The health information available on this site complements and does not replace the relationship that exists between you and those professionals. 

Privacy Policy

The NCAC’s CALiO™ wants you to learn as much as possible about issues involving child abuse and neglect and wants your online visit to be safe and secure. We take your privacy very seriously. Only those online visitors who expressly request information and services will receive e-mail communications or any other materials from CALiO™.

Information provided to the CALiO™ librarian is held in strictest confidence, within the parameters defined by law. CALiO™ may use cookies to assist with navigation and searching on this site. These cookies are temporary; present only during your visit.

If you submit information using forms on this site, or by e-mail, telephone or postal mail, CALiO™ will only use personally-identifiable information in response to your request. However, if it is deemed appropriate, your request for information may be referred to another NCAC professional who is in a better position to respond. Aggregated data concerning use of this site and CALiO™ may be used to track trends and plan more effective services. 

Correctness of Information

CALiO™  makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on this site is correct and complete; and endeavors to provide the highest quality information resources and professional library services. However, the NCAC is not responsible for the accuracy of published information or the content of resources available in its collections and offers no guarantee of the comprehensiveness or accuracy of the services and resources available. CALiO™ endeavors to link to useful external websites, but has no control over the accuracy of information or delivery of services from those sites.


You are responsible for your activities and conduct while on this site, and for the use of any information obtained from CALiO™. You agree that the NCAC and its affiliated entities, agents and employees are not liable for damages, costs or expenses (including attorney fees) that you may incur as a result of your access to or use of information obtained from CALiO™.


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