March 2017

Grants and Funding for CACs
David N. King, MSLS, PhD

When we think about looking for funding for CACs, it is easy to think first of federal, state and local government agencies. Too often we forget that there are many foundations and other funding organizations that usually present a less challenging application process and potentially higher success rate than government agencies. In fact, there are more than 100,000 foundations and non-profit organizations that offer funding, many of which specifically focus on child welfare and social support initiatives.

The National Children’s Advocacy Center’s Child Abuse Library Online (CALiOTM) has pulled together a wealth of tools and resources to help you identify funders and prepare successful applications for support.

The most powerful tool at your command is the Foundation Directory Online. Did you know that 90% of the foundations in the U.S. do not have a website? That means you would never be able to identify most of these potential funders using Google or other online leads. Foundation Directory Online is a huge database with detailed information about more than 100,000 foundations and other grant-giving organizations. You can match potential funders with your specific needs, examine their requirements for application, see examples of projects they’ve funded in the past, and even narrow down your search to local and regional funders that prioritize support for your area.

An example of the detailed information available for a foundation in the Foundation Directory Online can be viewed here.

In addition to the Foundation Directory Online, CALiO also provides a bounty of other resources to aid in your grant-seeking mission. These include:

• Instructive documents and websites that describe best practices for preparing your grant proposal and other grant-writing aids.

• Research publications that document the value and effectiveness of Children’s Advocacy Centers in combatting child maltreatment and assisting victims.

• Statistical resources for locating the most current data regarding child abuse nationally and regionally.

• Bibliographies of publications on more than 50 selected topics in the realm of child maltreatment and publication collections by experts doing research in areas of child maltreatment.

• And of course, CALiOTMSuperSearch, which identifies the many thousands of professional publications and research articles dealing with every aspect of child abuse.

For access to these grants and funding resources, you must log in at CALiO. You will find links to these resources in the Special Collections box on the homepage after logging in.

If you have questions about access to CALiO or need help locating resources available from CALiO, simply click the Ask A Librarian icon on the CALiO homepage.